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Many people burn wood in New England. The reasons given for wood burning include that it reduces our dependence on oil and gas, saves money, is advantageous because wood is a renewable resource, and wood fires are aesthetically pleasing.

All of us need clean air to breath. The unintended consequence of wood burning is wood smoke pollution. Much research has been done on the effects of particulate air pollution (soot). In many communities, the vast majority of this type of pollution comes from local sources, including residential wood heating and trash incineration.

Masscleanair is an ad hoc committee created to provide information to Massachusetts residents who are concerned about wood smoke exposures, as well as for those who use wood for heating and would like information about its health and environmental effects.

We are interested in making sure that people with concerns about the air quality in their neighborhoods know where to go to find help. We welcome your questions, and are interested in hearing about experiences in your community.

Masscleanair has drawn heavily on the information provided on the www.burningissues.org website and thanks Burning Issues for their work over the years. We encourage you to visit their site for a more extensive collection of information.

Open Letter to the Massachusetts Association of Health Boards


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